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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

NeoNote — Taking a stand against politics in paganism

The armband caught my eye.


Added to the lexicon

Sexuality is a thing of the mind, not of the genitalia.
— Maggie McNeill, Rope of Sand

Journal - Friday, 26Oct2018

Thinking by blogging
This last week I've been polishing the behind the scenes stuff on this blog. That includes cleaning up the formatting for my quotes & thinkums. There's a goof in 2017 that's throwing things off, but I will find and fix it. I've been reading my old stuff. I've been cross referencing. Most of it isn't obvious.

Mom isn't doing so well. She forgets things. She's having a harder time moving around. We'll see.

One of my biggest frustrations is sex. One companion passed and the other moved. I try to avoid casual sex these days and I don't do the pickup scene at all. The younger women aren't interested in an older guy, especially the kind that makes them think. The older available ladies, well, many are into the victimhood thing. Some of the others want a bad boy. When they find out I am pagan, they think danger and blood and risk. Usually that's not me. I used to have sex six or seven times a week and now it's once or twice on a good week. I'm horny in an age of #MeToo and regret equalling rape accusations. I'm not sure how to fix that.

Truth is winning in a small way. I've been finding people that I agree with online. Of course it will never be a massive or even an impressive number, but there's hope for Isaiah's Job yet. I serve veritas, that has it's own rewards. Widespread recognition for my, um, obvious insights and grand wisdom is not one of them. I'm pretty good, but it won't bring fame and money. Still, it's nice to stumble across some like minded folk here and there. Wisdom is where you find it.

It dawned on me that I can save time by copy-pasting the source code from the quotes & thinkums blog entries in my comments. I'll have to eliminate the <div class="offset"> and the following </div>, but the rest shows up in Disqus just fine. Not with all the bells and whistles, true, but with enough to show it's a blockquote. I sill may have to toss in some <em> and </em>, but it works.

Time for a shower. Then I'll greet the sunrise while sharing breakfast with my raven friend. Then over to check on Mom.

NeoNote — Not about paganism

Someone is pulling your strings. You'd be a fool to accept that.


Most mornings

Fake clergy can screw people up big time.


Journal 23Feb2018

I saw a horse "broke" once. It was time consuming. It was brutal. That was enough to convince me it was wrong.


Journal 19Jan2018

Links to the TWH comment threads on Gavin Frost and Kenny Klein


Slice it

More and more I'm convinced that I was smart to (mostly) separate my political blogging from my pagan blogging.

Anyway you slice it, politics is about controlling other people. What that has to do with the dawn or the coyote's howl drifting through the night is anyone's guess.

When pagans jump up to recite approved scripts to this week's Officially Designated Outrage, they make paganism look silly.

I think it grew out of when paganism was part of the American counterculture. Pagans had to rebel against established mores. Existing culture wasn't good enough, it had to be replaced even if the replacement didn't work. In the 80s it got worse. Pagans became moralistic busybodies when it came to the Earth, and of course when it came to minorities.

But what does that have to do with the Dark Moon or the chill of the night air? What does that have to do with a winter rain or the clouds as they stretch to cover the sky? What does that have to do with a vigil kept in front of the fire all night?

That's paganism.

It's almost sunrise. I'm going to share some oranges with my friend the raven.

Warm Autumn in Arizona

A Weather.com reading makes me think


Journal 17Nov2017

waning crescent moon       Lady in the Court of Shadows       Leonids Meteor Shower       🌬 breezy

Thinking by blogging

It's hard to find energy so I can do things.

Today I was up at three a.m. The insomnia wasn't the only reason. I needed to do a pass through in the kitchen. The dishes were piled up, the floor needed sweeping and mopping. The pest control guy was coming at eight. Usually he comes on the last Friday in the month, but this month that's the day after Thanksgiving.

I've been watching the wind and breeze this morning. It's the first breezy day around here in a while. I wonder how many leaves will be left. I live in the high desert, but here in town it doesn't always look it. It's suburban.

My raven friend wants his blueberries. He gets raspberries today.

I'm still working on updating the site. I don't have much energy to spare. I'm thinking I'll get back to regular blogging after the first of the year.

The politics is getting to me. But there is one song that brings it all home. So I'm going to post the lyrics.


“Coyote and Raven, American Tricksters: Crash Course World Mythology #22”








Journal 11Aug2017

I have no higher authority. I have to persuade.
— NeoWayland

Raven pendant

I've found a more personal, pagan kind of religion to satisfy the spiritual side of things.
— Julian Clary

Journal 28Apr2017

Yes, I know the rhythm is odd. It works though.


Journal 21Apr2017

Mercury retrograde       waning crescent moon       breezy early morning

Thinking by bloggingI've got my tree-planting spot picked out for next Friday. It's a good one this year and less than half a day's drive.

It's pretty obvious that sex has been on my mind this week. Part of it is me missing my companion who moved (yes, even though the other one is still here), but a bigger part of it is dealing with the fallout from the Klein verdict. It happens every time there's a sex scandal with pagans. I didn't plan to become a pagan sex advisor on ethics, but looking at my writings on sex, that's exactly what I have become.

I wonder if I could take the trade out in actual sex.

It looks like I'm going to be looking closely at the "in your face" paganism again. I'm not exactly comfortable with that, but I suspect that Someone has nudged again. We'll see how it works out.

Speaking of companions, my local one called me early Thursday morning laughing. "He has your
mustache!" She was talking about Adam The Woo, a video blogger we sometimes enjoy with a morning cuddle. He got a haircut.

A very nice lady asked me about the "slice of life" thing again. This blog is more personal than anything else. Yes, I talk about the pagan stuff, but that is only part of who I am. That came up in an online converstation the other day too.

I’m not the pagan guy who lives down the lane, I’m a man who happens to be pagan. Also libertarian, straight, a bit of a mutt, and a passionate bibliophile. Those things are aspects of me, but they don’t define the face I show the World. Mostly those things don’t come into play unless someone demands their beliefs trump mine.

I didn't talk about masks. Maybe I should have. Sometimes it's still hard for me to know when to filter, espeically when I am not looking at their face.

Today I mail out the invites to my Welcome to Summer feast. It's looking like shish-kabobs this year. And of course the highlight is my bi-annual
Hair of the Bear.

Wednesday I was checking on Mom and we got to talking about my
malichite bear. She's the one who gave it to me although she doesn't understand what my pendants mean to me. I know she doesn't understand what my relationship with Bear, Coyote & Raven, but she knows I like bears and bear art.

Speaking of Coyote, my current bathroom book is
Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History by Dan Flores and I am really enjoying it.



Be careful the cloaks you wear lest you be soiled by their dirt.
— from the shadow book of Red Cedar Owl

Totems I have known

It’s a day of contrasts and promises. Even as winter is at it’s greatest, light is born again.


This is the world

Fire good, I grunt only half aloud.


Unusual Unkindness

Usually when ravens group together, it’s up on fences or power lines or rooftops


Letter & Spirit

I look into the bowl and wait.


Sort of

Moon phases and sabbats on a rainy night


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