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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.
hair of the bear

Journal 11Aug2017

I have no higher authority. I have to persuade.
— NeoWayland

Moment in the morning

Mercury retrograde       waxing crescent moon       ≠ pagan festival season
≠ Beltaine       May Day - summer begins

Merry meet on this fine May Day. Before the dawn and the kiss of the sun, I've just come in from talking to the night and the stars.

I was worried that it might be too windy for my Welcome to Summer bash, but it was perfect. Good thing too, it doesn't make much sense to welcome summer from the inside.

The food was great, the company was better, but the highlight was my hair of the bear. I'm exhibitionist enough to enjoy stripping off my shirt. And I really groove on the female attention and fingers in my hair. They didn't cut off as much as I thought they would this year.

Mind, body, and spirit. I love the sensation and knowing that in this time, in this place, what I feel touches all aspects of me.

It is the connections that bring us to life.

I think I will go see if my companion is awake.

Then I want to greet the summer sun.


Journal 21Apr2017

Mercury retrograde       waning crescent moon       breezy early morning

Thinking by bloggingI've got my tree-planting spot picked out for next Friday. It's a good one this year and less than half a day's drive.

It's pretty obvious that sex has been on my mind this week. Part of it is me missing my companion who moved (yes, even though the other one is still here), but a bigger part of it is dealing with the fallout from the Klein verdict. It happens every time there's a sex scandal with pagans. I didn't plan to become a pagan sex advisor on ethics, but looking at my writings on sex, that's exactly what I have become.

I wonder if I could take the trade out in actual sex.

It looks like I'm going to be looking closely at the "in your face" paganism again. I'm not exactly comfortable with that, but I suspect that Someone has nudged again. We'll see how it works out.

Speaking of companions, my local one called me early Thursday morning laughing. "He has your
mustache!" She was talking about Adam The Woo, a video blogger we sometimes enjoy with a morning cuddle. He got a haircut.

A very nice lady asked me about the "slice of life" thing again. This blog is more personal than anything else. Yes, I talk about the pagan stuff, but that is only part of who I am. That came up in an online converstation the other day too.

I’m not the pagan guy who lives down the lane, I’m a man who happens to be pagan. Also libertarian, straight, a bit of a mutt, and a passionate bibliophile. Those things are aspects of me, but they don’t define the face I show the World. Mostly those things don’t come into play unless someone demands their beliefs trump mine.

I didn't talk about masks. Maybe I should have. Sometimes it's still hard for me to know when to filter, espeically when I am not looking at their face.

Today I mail out the invites to my Welcome to Summer feast. It's looking like shish-kabobs this year. And of course the highlight is my bi-annual
Hair of the Bear.

Wednesday I was checking on Mom and we got to talking about my
malichite bear. She's the one who gave it to me although she doesn't understand what my pendants mean to me. I know she doesn't understand what my relationship with Bear, Coyote & Raven, but she knows I like bears and bear art.

Speaking of Coyote, my current bathroom book is
Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History by Dan Flores and I am really enjoying it.


Winter begins

I've not been handling people very well this season. I'm glad that winter is finally beginning.

Wintergate is my three day
WebTree High Holiday that marks the gateway between autumn and winter. The middle day (tomorrow) of the holiday is the cross quarter day or midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice.

Wintergate also marks my semi-annual
Hair ot the Bear. I did it myself yesterday this year. This autumn made me prickly, I've been trying not to take it out on the people around me that I care about. That includes my companions, bless their hearts. Well, my mood should start improving in a couple of days. Then I owe them both big time.

So it's with shorter hair and hot chocolate that I anticipate this High Holiday. Solar Festivals last from dawn to dawn, but High Holidays last from sunset to sunset. I still have a few hours to prepare.

And that means I need to put this entry up.

Bright & Dark Blessings, everyone.


Welcome to summer

As my regular readers know, I don't celebrate Baltaine as such. I celebrate Summergate, a three day High Holiday that starts on sunset Tuesday. The cross-quarter day is on May 4th this year.

However, at the end of April and the end of October every year, I host small dinner parties. The highlight of these parties is the
Hair of the Bear, my semi-annual haircut. I'm reserved in public, and this is one of my chances to let loose a little bit.

This year it's a bit cooler than I like. And we had scattered rainstorms, so the party was inside. Then the heat pump blower quit (on a Saturday), I built a fire in the fireplace (fire GOOD grunts Neo).

I wasn't in charge of the menu, it was a potluck of everyone's favorite summer dishes. Somebody brought catfish grilled in cornmeal. When it's done right, that's one of the most delicious things ever.

I don't think the ladies quite got the full three inches, but I can live with it. My hair is short for summer.


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