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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.
Gnosis magazine

Psychedelics as a catalyst

I see psychedelics as a catalyst and a door opener; I don't see them as a full path.
— Ram Dass, from "The GNOSIS Interview with Ram Dass," Gnosis № 26, Winter 1993

❝No more sacred civilizations…❞

No more sacred civilizations, Monsieur. They are too delicate and too costly. Besides priests are no more trustworthy than anyone else.
Eglantin L'Audace, from “The Order of the Twelfth Apostle,” Gnosis № 41, Fall 1996

Authentic symbols

Ritual, provided it uses authentic symbols, is no more or less than what H.P. Blavatsky called 'concretized truth'.
— Stephan A. Hoeller, from "The Gnosis of the Eucharist," Gnosis № 11, Spring 1989

Gnosis Journal

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Foster inner life

Does the Church in our time foster the inner life? Rarely. Does the Church hold the keys to a new consciousness? Yes.
— Theodore J. Nottingham, from “The Church and the Inner Life,” Gnosis № 25, Fall 1992

Healthier state of being

Sound and color can be used to 'play' the human body like a musical instrument and put it in a healthier state of being.
— Jeff Chitouras, "Esoteric Sound & Color," Gnosis № 27, Spring 1993

Not evil

The so-called Dark Side is not wholly an evil or negative place or force; after all, some things remain in the shadows because we've placed them there out of fear and squeamishness.
Jay Kinney, "Standing in the Shadows," Gnosis № 14, Winter 1989-'90

Inestimable value

The second coming of the Goddess has proved of inestimable value to people everywhere, for it has provided them with a new mythic pattern, a saving story to live by.
— Caitlin Matthews, from "Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom," Gnosis № 13, Fall 1989

Shamanic weekends

Whenever I see these ads for shamanic weekends, I'm suspicious. Because shamanic ecstasy is terrifying.
— Rachel Pollack, from "The Gods of the Funny Books: An Interview with Rachel Pollack and Neil Gaiman," Gnosis № 32, Summer 1994

Considered supernatural

Though often considered 'supernatural,' magic actually operates within a traditional view of the universe, complete with a recognizable set of natural laws.
     — Jay Kinney from “Magic: What is It?”, Gnosis № 2, Spring-Summer 1986


For most of us, our bodies have become storage vaults for undigested impressions, for impressions too charged or painful to confront.
— Dennis Lewis from “The Further Reaches of Self-Observation”, Gnosis № 29, Fall 1993


At present, books are widely available which contain the lion's share of the secret teachings that one is likely to come upon in most secret societies. Yet the lack of interest most people have in penetrating into inner realities assures that these teachings remain unperceived - and therefore 'secret'.
— Jay Kinney from “Human Rites and Hidden Assets”, Gnosis № 6, Winter 1987-'88

Penetration into the darkness

The penetration into the darkness surrounding God - the gulf between one's self and the All - involves the willingness to relinquish the comforting certainties of one's religion and risk heresy, if that is where the path leads.
Jay Kinney from “Heresies 101”, Gnosis № 4, Spring-Summer 1987

Tired old battles

Science and religion are still fighting their tired old battles for control of the world - a cheap wrestling match which has long since ceased to interest any but the most deeply hypnotized marks.
— Peter Lamborn Wilson from “Chaos, Eros, Earth, and Old Night”, Gnosis № 33 Fall 1994


Esoteric teachings suggest that, rather than being 'illusory' compared to the 'real' world of waking life, the dream world is indeed real. Some traditions, like those of the Australian aborigines, even suggest that the forms of the 'Dreamtime' underpin earthly reality.
— Richard Smoley from “Are Dreams for Real?”, Gnosis № 22, Winter 1992


However heroic the virtues of the saint may be, the scoundrel has a bit of the hero in him too.
— Richard Smoley from “Choose Your Saints Wisely”, Gnosis № 24, Summer 1992

❝Lose your own center…❞

Don't get too concerned about fighting evil. You lose your own center that way.
— Robert Anton Wilson, from “Doubt! The GNOSIS Interview with Robert Anton Wilson”, Gnosis № 50


When we look at the Tarot for what it apparently is, we look into a mental map of the time when the Italian and French Middle Ages were poised on the cusp of the Renaissance - a time that is actually stranger and intellectually more foreign to us than we tend to think.
— Chas S. Clifton from "The Unexamined Tarot," Gnosis № 18, Winter 1991


Our energy fields often look like mosaics of pieces from family, friends, co-workers, people seen on TV, or even random strangers encountered on the street.
— Rebecca Wilson from “The Art of Psychic Healing”, Gnosis № 34, Winter 1995

Depreciated polytheism

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have all depreciated polytheism as intrinsically inferior - primitive, crude, lost. But much of the profundity of Paganism lies in its deep appreciation for the complexity and richness of life, its embrace of the world that surrounds us, that indeed is us.
— Frank Donnola from “Reconciling One and Many,” Gnosis № 28, Spring 1993

More important

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one's fear. The timid presume it is lack of fear that allows the brave to act when the timid do not. But to take action when one is not afraid is easy. To refrain when afraid is also easy. To take action regardless of fear is brave.
— Ambrose Hollingworth Redmoon from “No Peaceful Warriors!”, Gnosis № 21, Fall 1991

❝A new dogma❞

There is a danger in the New Age movement of 'open-mindedness' and 'universality' becoming a new dogma which only serves to separate 'us' who pay lip service to these ideals from 'them' who do not. Far better to be a flexible, open-minded traditionalist than a rigidly doctrinaire liberal.
— Ya'qub ibn Yusuf from “Back to Basics”, Gnosis № 16, Summer 1990

Right or Write

Thinking by blogging

The decline of the written language


❝As long as we lie to ourselves…❞

As long as we lie to ourselves, the Trickster will be with us. He'll show up just when we least want him, to embarrass us on a first date, to prove us fools in front of the learned company we're trying to impress, to make us miss a power breakfast with that all-important business contact.
— Richard Smoley from “My Mind Plays Tricks on Me”, Gnosis № 19, Spring 1991

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