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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

A work in progress. Explaining words and phrases that I often use. Noting new and interesting ideas. Discussing certain verbal warning signs. There’s no social justice or political correctness here.

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Belief without proof.

In religion, belief in reality beyond human experience, understanding, or comprehension.

If you are Pagan because you need attention, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. You can't be Pagan just to be weird or to make people nervous. Faith isn't a costume, it lives and flows inside of you.

Religion is usually a system, faith is the juice that makes the system go.


faith triumphant

Not only is there just One True Faith, but all other beliefs and faith systems must be ruthlessly suppressed for the Greater Good.

On the whole, one of the worse ideas yet conceived by humans.
See also dominionism


family folk     See kin


Between the second and third wave of the feminist movement, changes took place. FamousFeminists exploit the "perpetual" victimhood of women to enhance their own fame, book sales, and political power. For them, it's not about empowering women. It's about cashing in.


fangs that bite

There are dangerous people in the World. Not everyone, but you should be wary until you know. Locking yourself away and hoping no one else notices is not a solution. Sooner or later expect to walk among the claws that rip and the fangs that bite. Be careful.


Fat Tuesday      See Selected Christian Observances

Feast of the Ingathering     See Mabon, autumnal equinox


“( FE DOE RA ) - Men's soft felt hat with brim and lengthwise crease in crown , adopted by women. The name Fedora was after the heroine of Victorian Sardou's drama presented in Paris in 1882.”


Feill-Sheathain     See Litha, summer solstice


The natural empathy most people develop without thinking about it. I had to work at it. Then it got turned up a few notches. My ability to read people didn't get better, but when I do connect I feel much more now. I think Someone has a sense of humor.


fertility cult

Most modern neopaganism is based on fertility cults, some of the rites are either sexual or symbols of sex. Fertility rites are supposed to increase fertility of people, the land, and animals including livestock.



One of the five traditional elements in Western occultism. Corresponds with one of the four known states of matter, plasma.


fire festival

Cross quarter day and WebTree High Holiday, one of the gateways between the four seasons. Fire festivals mark the midpoint between the solstice and equinox (or equinox and solstice). It begins on sunset of the first day and lasts until sunset of the third day.

“A ritual bonfire was a favourite pagan method of celebrating a festival. The four great feast-days of the Celtic year, which have become the four Great Sabbats of the witches, were always occasions of ritual fire in one form or another. The Celtic names for these feasts were Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain. They were held at the beginning of February, the beginning of May, the beginning of August, and the beginning of November, respectively. The Midsummer festival was also called Beltane, meaning ‘bright fire’.

There is something very magical about a bonfire, which somehow seems to invite people to dance round it. The flickering of the flames, the crackling of blazing twigs, the showers of golden sparks, the pungent scent of the wood-smoke, all evoke an atmosphere of cheerfulness and excitement.”


Firing of the Anvil      23November

First Fruits     See Lammas

First Harvest     See Lammas


“A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails. The term is generally not applied to events and performances organized for the purposes of politics (such as protests), commercial advertisement, publicity stunts, that involve public relation firms, or paid professionals.”

“a group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity of short duration”


flux point

Dynamic balance between flows and tensions where slight motion can be vastly amplified. A key concept in martial arts, practical magick, management practice, and history.


force fire

“The force-fire (Scottish Gaelic: teine-éiginn, which also translates to Need-fire), or a fire produced by friction, was used in folk magic practice in the Scottish Highlands up until the 19th century. Believers considered it an antidote against bewitching, as well as the plague, murrain and all infectious diseases among cattle. It is also known as In Scotland and elsewhere as Need-fire or Neatsfire from an old word for cattle retained in the name "Neatsfoot oil."”


four airts     See cardinal points

four foot

Land mammals I’ve met and tried to respect


Four Powers of the Magus

Crowley called the "fifth power" ire - to go, or action.

“Air is the element of Mercury, the ruler of knowledge. Water brings with it the idea of launching boldly upon the waves of uncharted seas. Fire reminds us of the flame of will. Earth conveys the silent strength of rocks and mountains. When all these four are gathered together, there appears the fifth element, spirit; and its correspondence is the fifth power; ire, to go, the power of progression through the universe, the power of evolution.

Because the Sphinx is a representation of the Four Elements, these powers are also sometimes called the Four Powers of the Sphinx.”

four quarters     See cardinal points


“1. the lobby of a theater, hotel, or apartment house.

2. a vestibule or entrance hall in a house or apartment.”



Choosing and acting without cooercion or external control



A fundamentalist True Believer™, not always (or even usually) a Christian.



On humans, a vulgar and occasionally endearing way to refer to pubic hair.


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