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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


pagan festival season       AZ monsoon season       waxing crescent moon       ≠ Cunningham Day

If it's Tuesday, it must be technopagan.

Over the weekend my companion and I slept out under the stars. It was a gloriously warm night. My patio is still in town so we couldn't see all the sky. I needed the night sky. The problem is that my companion isn't an early riser by nature. About 4 a.m. or so we moved inside so she could sleep late.

During the last few months I feel that "public paganism" has moved away from the Earth, sky, and natural cycles and into controlling people for "their own good."

But the funny thing is, if you remove all that bit about controlling other people, paganism goes back to what it was. A way to renew myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. A way to connect to the cycles of the Earth and sky.

If we're not recognizing and honoring the cycles, what are we doing?

I live in the high desert. Now one of my neighbors isn't really good about watering his lawn. It dries out. Now I could do it for him. Better still I could rip out his lawn and put in low-maintenance desert landscaping. It would be a lot of work and expense for me, but he should appreciate it, right? After all, it would be easier for him and make his house look better. So what's the downside?

I'm pretty sure the downside would start with a punch in my nose and get worse.

See, it's his property that I would mess with. Which means that he's the one who decides. Not me. No matter how much it's for his own good.

Meanwhile the sun still rises and sets. I can't do a thing to change that.

Suppose I decided I wanted a waterfall shower in my back yard. I don't live next to a stream or a river, so it would have to be totally artificial. My desert means that I would lose a fair amound of water. If I wanted to use the runoff for something like a koi pond, I'd have to be very careful with how I cleaned the water. It would be expensive, a lot of work, and I could only use it part of the year. For the whole year, I'd have to heat it, and that makes it even more complicated. So it would take my time, money, and energy and I could only use it sometimes.

What's the point?

Meanwhile the Lady Moon with her everchanging face still floats gently in the night sky. I can't change that.

There are things I can't change. There are things I shouldn't change. And there are things I might change.

I trust the Earth and the sky to carry out their cycles.

Somewhere I have to trust other people to make their own choices.

So should you.

That's pure paganism.

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