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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal 10Apr2017

04:27 AZ time      Mercury retrograde      bright moon      Lady in the Court of Stars

Thinking by bloggingWell, that was different.

My ritual bath and moonbath let me more buzzed than I thought. Wonderful, wonderful bright Lady Moon!

I've been up all night with the sound of the night in my ears. Also aroused. And no companion around.

Ah well, I will see her tonight. Maybe this afternoon.

Meanwhile the sun rises in a little more than an hour.

I have some client work to do today, And the first draft of of my Tuesday entry for this blog. I already finished the American classic entry for
Pagan Vigil on Thursday. Then the usual family obligations. My calendar is looking pretty good. That gives me a feeling of satsifaction.

Did I tell you how marvelous the Moon is right now? There's two more nights of the full moon left.

It's going to be a glorious summer!

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