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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Prep Work

Today I saw blue sky for the first time in more than a week. I’m ready for the change. Even more than the bright sun and the Moon, I miss ravens. I don’t think they fly at all in fog and in the rain it’s hard to see them.

I put in the time to craft some “magical gadgets.” I may be needing these in a bit.

The original version is a tripod made of rose blossoms with some thorns still attached and bound with some red cotton thread. The thing is, there aren’t any rose bushes in bloom right now.

My preferred variation has a slender apple branch bound to two roofing nails with some silk thread. It doesn’t have quite the punch, but you can “charge” it again to reuse it.

In the middle of winter, it’s not polite to cut off apple branches. So this variant uses trimmed bamboo chopsticks wound with a bit of copper wire. Still works, but I think it’s fuzzier.

Technically these little gadgets are part of a spell to attract “spirits.”

I don’t usually do haunted houses. Energy is a lot like water, you “dam” it up in one place and it overflows somewhere else. Some places are just “tangled,” but it hardly ever seems to be one tangle. Cleaning it out takes time and effort, and you’re never sure you got it all.

Of course the rampaging hell spirits so beloved of Hollywood don’t usually exist. Most spirits have a purpose, even if it is one that isn’t immediately understood. So a lot of what I do relies on the 3%.

And this is the part I don’t like. Chances are that the problems are brought on by how the people treat each other. Since they’re on edge and “believing,” I’m going to have to be fairly theatrical to get the point across.

I probably won’t get called in. But just in case, I’ve got a bag ready.

ETA: I’ve found that “haunted” places usually aren’t. Mainly it’s misunderstanding or someone letting their fears run away with them.

Mostly what I do in these cases is listen and watch.

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