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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Shapes in the Moon

Over the years I’ve acquired many pendants. Only eight get any regular use, the others are mostly packed away these days.

One is my
Jen Delyth pendant, I consider that to be the central symbol of my WebTree path. One is the simple pewter knot cross that I use for Lament and funerals. One is my grandfather’s key, which is still a work in progress. One’s fairly private and I don’t discuss unless it’s needed. And then there are the four I wear during the phases of the moon.

Unless they are High Holidays or Solar Festivals.

For the waxing moon, I wear this malachite bear fetish.

It was a gift and is a personal favorite. In many ways, it sums up who I am. It’s not a “true” fetish, it’s very much a modern design. It’s Zuni influenced but made by a Navajo silversmith. It uses malachite, when the obvious stone to pick would have been turquoise. About the only thing you can say about it is that it’s a product of the desert and it has symbolic power. Obviously a perfect fit for me.

For the full moon, I wear this triskele pendant.

When I first saw it, it practically screamed Full Moon. It also sums up my story of Lady in the Court of Stars and Lady in the Court of Shadows. One of these days I’ll share that story. One of the things that this tells me is that there is always a design within the design and each phase of a cycle has it’s own unique traits no matter how many times the cycle repeats. This one is a favorite of both companions, although I can’t tell you why.

Ah yes, my medicine bear. I wear him on the waning moon.

Now here’s the question, is he hiding from the dark or just cloaking his power? I see him as a very compassionate bear. He doesn’t ask questions, he just does what has to be done. I’m eyeing
another pendant for this role, I’ll probably use this one when I do the healing stuff. A friend did some photoshop stuff with this one and it turned out very well.

Except for some crosses, this is my oldest and most fragile pendant. It’s pewter, simple, and very close to me. I use it for the dark moon.

When I first bought it, I debated for a long time whether I should wear the spirals on the left or on the right. It depends on my mood, but I usually wear them on the left.

These hang on two hooks next to the light switch in my sanctum. When it’s time to change, I put one on the hook and take the next. I let my pendants hang loose when I am at home, outside I tie them up choker style.

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