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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal - Friday, 02Nov2018

Thinking by blogging
I made a mistake this last Tuesday. I opened my front drapes.

I keep my front blinds closed. Usually I'm nude in the house and it keeps my neighbors from objecting. This time I opened them up and I started working. No real problem, right? Except sometimes I'll turn on a movie or TV show. In this case I put on Totally Baked, a semi-documentary about marijuana use. Mostly it's comedy sketches sprinkled with some facts. But there is some nude swimming and some really bad film sex. Well, one of my younger neighbors peeked in my window. After all, it's almost always closed. So I had an angry mother and a cop show up.

Here's the problem. I'm wearing sweatpants, socks, an open bathrobe and a pendant. There is some unusual artwork in the living room, including a reproduction of Martyn's The Embrace. There are some mostly nude goddess statues on the mantle. And a couple of Sheela na gig pieces.Meanwhile there is a very bad sex scene paused on the TV.

Nothing exactly illegal, but very suggestive.

So my drapes got pulled again.

It was enough to blow off. Except the same cop showed up at my Mom's house and she called me. It seems someone reported to Adult Protective Services. Coincidence? Who knows. But I am annoyed that people get to Officially Judge what I am doing with my life. Of course yesterday there was a followup visit from APS. I was already at Mom's house.

If I expected the gods to save us, I'd say "Save us from Official Inquiry."

ETA: Not that it should matter, but I don't imbibe. There's a history of addiction in my family, so I don't do alcohol or drugs. I hardly even take aspirin.

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