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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

The grand cause

Magick is like gardening.

You take a plot of land. Now you can grow flowers or vegetables or both. You choose.

Flowers can mean a tangled wildflower garden or something like my mom’s yard with the sixty or so flower beds or something carefully sculpted like an English country garden.

A vegetable garden can be anything from a pot on the windowsill to a miniature farm over a couple of acres of land.

What you get out of your garden is what you choose to put into it. It may be there to look at, it may be there to eat, or it may be there to share. Your sweat, your choice, your gift. And if you share, that’s a part of you that goes out into the world.

A garden means that there is a part of you woven in with all those plants.

That is why magickal should not be political.

If your across-the-street neighbor doesn’t keep up his yard, well, yes you could do something about that. You could start gardening his yard. And if he doesn’t like it, a few polite nudges could keep him in line. After all, he’s getting flowers and veggies out of the deal. And maybe some fruit. Sure your garden doesn’t do quite so well without you putting all the time into it, but that’s the price for community, isn’t it?

And that lady down the street isn’t quite as bad as the across the street guy, but as long as you’re dealing with the worst you might as well deal with the second worst, right? Sure, they might not like you growing asparagus and brussels sprouts on their land, but it is for their own good, right?

Now you need some help to garden three yards. And you need some muscle to keep those ungrateful slugabeds from ripping up the plants they don’t like and changing your plans. Oh, and they should pay to cover your expenses.

If you’re going to do two, you might as well do seven or nine. Why not do all of the gardens and yards? Now you really need help and guards, plus even more money for supplies. Not very many people like the way you are doing things, but you’re doing it for the greater good. If they only had your understanding, they’d know that. But you don’t have time to tell them because you’re too busy getting things done.

But your garden doesn’t work so well for you anymore.

Meanwhile all those people you’re paying to do the gardening and guard the land aren’t doing things exactly as you want. Part of it is because they misunderstand. Part of it is because they have their own ideas. And part of it is because they don’t like being told what to do.

Yes, I could control some things. But just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should do something. Especially if I have to control other people to do it.

It has to be freely chosen.

Or, inspire don’t require.

All those grand political causes, all those bits about changing the world, all those ultimate utopias unchained, they aren’t worth it.

Why should my enlightenment demand your sacrifice?

Yeah, I know, I usually say that the other way round. I’m making a point. You wouldn’t want to live in my “perfect world.”

I love the Earth. In ten thousand years I promise you that She can take whatever my civilization can toss at Her and make it better. If it doesn’t contribute to life ever-changing it will be gone. If it does contribute, then a very small part of me will still be around.

So I am going to stick to my garden and what touches me and mine. If you drop by I might even share.

Just to be neighborly, you know.

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