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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


One of my favorite gadgets is a microscope I hook up to my iMac. I never have quite gotten the hang of using a regular microscope eyepiece with glasses, and I love looking at the big screen image. Leaves, soil, branches, fruit, it’s all amazing to look at. I’ve thought a time or two about using those images as background on this blog.

One of my preferred magickal tools is an old skeleton key I inherited. Well, technically, I didn’t inherit it. After my grandfather passed, my grandmother gave my mother a desk that my grandfather had build. Buried in the back of the paper drawer was this key. The moment I saw it, I knew it was mine even though I had never seen it before. “Here you go” said my grandmother as she dropped it in my hand.

The bow or loop of the key can be used for an interesting knack. In England and parts of the American South, you could find folks who use pocket sized shew stones with a hole worn naturally through them. These days, rare metal objects can be used, with some conditionals.

Part of the knack is learning to focus through the ring and only through the ring. That’s pretty useful right there. Sometimes you do need to see things up close and disconnected from it’s surroundings. But with a little practice, you can “disassociate” your expectations and glimpse how the thing connects to the wyrd. It seldom lasts for more than a few seconds, it’s a “field instrument” after all.

Of course it has other uses in spellwork. I’ve modified mine with some wire wrapping and some skull beads. I usually wear it as a amulet when I know I’ll probably need to do something. Think of it as another multitool and you’re not far off.

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