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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


Since I don't have much time this week, I thought talk about the daily things we sometimes overlook.

At least once every night that I'm outside and the
Moon is in the sky, I do a short bit of centering, take off my glasses, raise my face to the Moon, and let the light gently kiss my face while chanting in my head.

I do carry a cell phone, but I don't carry a smart phone. For various paranoid reasons I don't like the thought of having my personal data on my phone. But I do carry an iPod Touch. and I use
LunaSolCal to remind me about sunrise, solar noon, and sunset each day. I take the time to do a small devotional to the Sun at these times.

Greeting the sun is a gift my grandfather taught me.

And of course meals. That's one thing the Christians got right. For everyday, my maternal grandfather had a very short prayer that he did before meals. For special occasions, he usually asked someone else to do it. But his prayer was very short and very ritualized. One of my uncles used to think that he prayed in Spanish he recited it so fast.

I find something simple works before breakfast and the midmorning tea. I'm usually up between three and four thirty, so around ten thirty or so I'm feeling peckish.

Dinner or lunch is usually my big meal. I still try to keep it simple, but it's more than what I do earlier.

Around teatime I go simple again. And supper usually ends up being thanks for the day.

At bedtime, it depends. If I'm sleeping alone I acknowledge Deity and the World. I try to dedicate at least one orgasm to the union of the Lord and Lady of my World.

Every morning after I shower and shave but before I get dressed, I put my pendant on. Which
pendant depends on the phase of the moon and the solar year.

That's it. Sometimes it's the routine that can bring us closer to the Divine. If we do it often enough. And if we make the special times really special and not just everyday.

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