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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

He stands there curious

You knew I’d get around to a coyote picture sooner or later.

Coyote (capitilized, proper name) is one of the spirit allies I recognize and honor. He taught me not to take myself so seriously.
His gift meant that I would live perpetually at the borders, never quite fitting in. His lesson to me was that being the outsider wasn’t always a bad thing.

Comparitive religion scholars will tell you that Coyote is usually an example of the Trickster archetype.
They usually completely misundertand his role.

More than anything else, coyotes
adapt. Just because you don’t see them in southwestern American cities and towns doesn’t mean coyotes aren’t there. Coyotes like human food, it doesn’t affect them in all tne negative ways like it does bears.

are not dogs. Make sure you understand that. Dogs usually learn to read and mimic human expressions. Dogs adopt behaviors that make humans like them more. Coyotes have no real use for humans. One of the biggest dangers is that people assume coyotes are just medium sized dogs. People don’t realize that instincts run strong in coyotes, possibly stronger than wolves. Just because the coyote looks friendly doesn’t mean that it is.

If you meet a coyote, keep a respectful distance. Do not try to stare them down. Do not turn your back. Do not keep making eye contact. And
do not try to howl. Unless you are very good, coyotes will take these things as a challenge.

Most of the pictures I have on file aren’t mine. They’re just ones that really caught my eye. This is another one.

This coyote stands there curious. Not threatened by you and not threatening you. Just watching.
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