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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Affirmation of NeoWayland

Witchcraft Seeks
to join human with Divine

When we know ourselves,
we learn that we share
Divinity with creation.

Humankind is not distinct
from creation

We ARE creation

WE are


We are the stones in the field
born of fire and water,

We are the trees in the forest
joining earth and sky.

We are the magma
that pulses beneath the surface,

We are the air
that wraps the planet.

We are the seas that pound,
and we are the winds that lift.

We are the spirit
that flows between realms,

We are the minds
that remember dreams.

We are the stars above
and we are the shadows below.

CELEBRATE this union.
This connection SUSTAINS me.
I am not separate.
TOUCH creation and the Divine

My dreammates share my path.
I move along the eternal cycle

I draw my strength
from the ancient well
and the dark and secret places.

The sun and the stars lure me forth.
The moon lights my dance.
The night sings my song.
The day reveals my actions.

I am a witch, and I serve Life.

Mother, Maiden, and Crone,
I am theirs and they are mine!

Hunter, Guardian, and Sacrifice,
I am they and they are me!

Warrior, Priest/ess, and Teacher,
by all that Was, Is, and Shall Be

We Are

copyright 1998 by NeoWayland. All rights reserved.

Yeah, well, I have to give you something decent because Tuesday's entry wasn't that strong. And I think I just found my lyric font.

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