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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

A work in progress. Explaining words and phrases that I often use. Noting new and interesting ideas. Discussing certain verbal warning signs. There’s no political correctness here.
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the Gardener

My maternal grandfather started as a dirt farmer in Louisiana before he moved the family to Arizona. After he retired, he became the Gardener. He kept about three-quarters of an acre. He shared most of the harvest. Granpa made sure that the best stuff always went to those folks who needed a little help. He would visit, talk, and leave fresh vegitables. Johnny Cash sang about carrying troubles away, my grandfather would do it.

I have most of his pipes, I don't smoke them but I keep them.

Much to my surprise (and certainly to his if he was still This Side), his attitude towards gardening shaped much of my pagan practice.

Not bad for a Baptist deacon.

generalized argument

I use this against verbose statists nonsense It’s the quickest way to disarm them.
  • Does that person threaten you or yours?
  • Does that person take or damage your property?
  • Then why are you trying to CONTROL them?
See also Liberty argument, live & let live, Golden Rule, and parity.

gibbous Moon

What does it mean when you hear the term “gibbous moon”? It’s when the Moon is more than half full, but not quite fully illuminated, when you look at it from the perspective of Earth. The reason the light changes has to do with how the Moon orbits the Earth.
     see also Moon phase

gnostic intelligence

My small addition to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. It rests on the perception and knowledge of Deity.


I believe that all things have a Divine nature. Life is the universes attempt to understand itself. I know that the totality of the universe is too vast for me to comprehend. So there are godmasks that I turn to for understanding, guidance, and strength when mine is not enough. I know that these godmasks are only representations and gateways to Divinity, not Divinity themselves.

Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Ethic of Reciprocity is arguably the single most important and universal basis for human advancement and is the basis for all true liberty.. My favorite fun version comes from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure - “Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!” See also parity test, POvsPW, the Silver Rule, and the Iron Rule


Quarter day. WebTree solar festival. Marks the middle of spring and the vernal equinox. Lasts from sunrise on the day before the equinox and lasts until sunrise on the day after the equinox (traditional three days).
Related - Ostara, Easter, Alban Eiler, Eostre, Spring Equinox, Earth Day (original), Lady Day.
Additional resources - Lady Day: The Vernal Equinox, Convergence, What's in a name?

greatest elongation

elongation is the apparent angle between a planet and the Sun as seen from Earth; during eastern elongation (E), the planet appears as an evening star; during western elongation (W), the planet appears as a morning star

Greater Pagan Community®

Much of the justification for "establishing" a Greater Pagan Community® is so that certain individuals can get the adoration and deference they believe they deserve.

Greek fisherman's cap

The Greek fisherman's cap is one of the most popular hats in the Western world. This all wool or cotton cap, fully lined, is a favorite with professional seamen. Rugged and practical enough to handle all kinds of weather, the "Greek" is also a hopeless romantic.

A Greek fisherman's cap is a soft, flat-topped cap with a small visor, usually made from wool felt. It is distinguished from similar caps, such as the Breton cap and Maciejówka, by its embroidered visor and braided cord. It is often associated with seamanship and marine settings. It has become popular amongst the public in general, rather than staying isolated as an occupational hat. One example of it being put in prominence of popular culture was when it was worn by John Lennon.


harvest moon

The full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox each year.


Cross quarter day, Webtree fire festival. Marks the beginning of fall. Around the first of August. Lasts from sunset on the day before the midpoint between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox to sunset on the day after (traditional three days).
Related - Lammas, Lughnasadh, Cornucopia, Lammastide, Lughomass, Thingtide, First Fruits, First Harvest Grain Harvest.
Additional resources - Lammas The First Harvest, Lughnasadh, Autumn.

Hat Trick

Everyone is amazed by the razzle dazzle moment. No one thinks about all the work, study, and experimenting beforehand that made it possible


Short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, it is the first industry-supported uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. It's a single cable and user-friendly connector that replaces the maze of cabling behind the home entertainment center. HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements. [Source: Adapted from HDMI.org]

HDMI was defined to carry 8 channels, of 192kHz, 24-bit uncompressed audio, which exceeds all current consumer media formats. In addition, HDMI can carry any flavor of compressed audio format such as Dolby or DTS. HDMI has the capacity to support existing high-definition video formats such as 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, along with support of enhanced definition formats like 480p, as well as standard definition formats such as NTSC or PAL.
     see also Thunderbolt and USB


Long term rules means honor brings advantage. Short term rules mean that honor is a disadvantage.

Honor is a concept widely derided and discarded today. But honor is really nothing more than your personal credit rating. It is a statement of your character, and like credit, honor has leverage. It can move large numbers of people: elevate them, raise their spirits and their expectations of themselves. Honor and Courage and Character are beacons in the darkness; they draw all manner of people toward their light. Most people want to be good, to be brave, to be useful. They just need to be shown the way sometimes. And the only way to create such beacons to light our path is to commit to becoming one yourself.
     — You Are Not Alone (Part 2) by Bill Whittle, Eject! Eject! Eject!
     Bill Whittle's Eject!Eject!Eject offline
     temporary copy of You Are Not Alone

High Holiday

A cross quarter point, a fire festival and one of the gateways between the four seasons. On the WebTree path, a three day celebration honoring the gods and marking the midpoint between the solstice and the equinox (or the equinox and the solstice). It begins on sunset of the first day and lasts until sunset of the third day. See also cross-quarter and fire festival


I. Was. Different.

Juvenile behavior that it took a decade or so for me to grow out of when I was an adult. See also Those Who Want to Be Noticed

inferior conjunction

the instant when a planet passes between Earth and the Sun (Mercury or Venus)


It's better to inspire rather than require

Iron Rule

“Don't do for others what they can do for themselves.” See also Golden Rule, Silver Rule, enabling, and 3%


The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier based upon the 9-digit Standard Book Numbering (SBN) code created by Gordon Foster, Emeritus Professor of Statistics at Trinity College, Dublin, for the booksellers and stationers WHSmith and others in 1965. The ISBN configuration of recognition was generated in 1967 by David Whitaker and Emery Koltay (who grew to be Director of the U.S. ISBN agency).

The 10-digit ISBN format was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and was published in 1970 as international standard ISO 2108.[4] However, the 9-digit SBN code was used in the United Kingdom until 1974. An SBN may be converted to an ISBN by prefixing the digit "0". ISO has appointed the International ISBN Agency as the registration authority for ISBN worldwide and the ISBN Standard is developed under the control of ISO Technical Committee 46/Subcommittee 9 TC 46/SC 9. The ISO on-line facility only refers back to 1978.

Since 1 January 2007, ISBNs have contained 13 digits, a format that is compatible with "Bookland" European Article Number EAN-13s.

Occasionally, a book may appear without a printed ISBN if it is printed privately or the author does not follow the usual ISBN procedure; however, this can be rectified later.
     see also ASIN and ISSN


An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique eight-digit number used to identify a periodical publication at a specific media type. It is internationally accepted as a fundamental identifier for distinguishing between identical serial titles and facilitating checking and ordering procedures, collection management, legal deposit, interlibrary loans etc.

When a periodical is published, with the same content, in two or more different media, a different ISSN is assigned to each media type – in particular the print and electronic media types, named print ISSN (p-ISSN) and electronic ISSN (e-ISSN or eISSN).

The ISSN system was first drafted as an ISO international standard in 1971 and published as ISO 3297 in 1975.[3] The ISO subcommittee TC 46/SC 9 is responsible for the standard. To assign a unique identifier to the serial as content (linking among the different media), ISSN-L must be used, as defined by ISO 3297:2007
     See also ASIN and ISBN


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