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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

❝Gods and Goddesses of myth…❞

The Gods and Goddesses of myth, legend and fairy tale represent archetypes, real potencies and potentialities deep within the psyche, which, when allowed to flower permit us to be more fully human.
— Margot Adler

Good ideas and true innovation

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.
— Margaret Heffernan

❝Paganism is optimistic…❞

Paganism is that view of life which finds the highest goal of human existence in the healthy and harmonious and joyous development of existing human faculties. Very different is the Christian ideal. Paganism is optimistic with regard to unaided human nature, whereas Christianity is the religion of the broken heart.
— John Gresham Machen

In Defense of Technology and Nature

It's a false choice to be either technological or natural. Our technology is our nature.


❝That's beyond our comprehension❞

I think godmasks are representations and gateways to Divinity, not actually Divinity. Divinity itself (thisself? hisself? herself? theirself? thatself?), well, that's beyond our comprehension. It would be like us trying to explain the MetLife Company to an ant. First you have to teach them ideas, then language, then money, and so on.

Is it just a conceit that the Divine exists? Possibly. I'd like to think that while the godmask is influenced by human worship and expectation, the Divine behind the godmask is real and something terrifyingly amazing and unbound by human limits.

NeoNotes — Shift happens

Live and let live works mostly.


Being a victim

Being a social victim means that others will look out for you and that you are not fully human.

Nor can you be fully trusted. Even if your victimhood grants you "moral authority" and exceptions from the rules.

Born with a spark of the Divine

We humans were born with a spark of the Divine. We spend our lives trying to pass that on.

Sometimes we succeed.

“Creation from the Void: Crash Course World Mythology #2”

“Today on Crash Course Mythology we’re starting in on creation stories. This week, we’ll focus on the creation of the universe out of nothing, or Ex Nihlio creation. Basically, a god decides to make a universe out of nothing. We’ll look at the Genesis story (which has nothing to do with Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins), a Mayan creation tale, a Kono story of the beginning, and we’ll even look at the Big Bang.”


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