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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Transcribing Faith

The Newberry Library in Chicago is home to some 80,000 documents pertaining to religion during the early modern period, a time of sweeping social, political, and cultural change spanning the late Middle Ages to the start of the Industrial Revolution. Among the library’s collection of rare Bibles and Christian devotional texts are a series of manuscripts that would have scandalized the religious establishment. These texts deal with magic—from casting charms to conjuring spirits—and the Newberry is asking for help translating and transcribing them.

As Tatiana Walk-Morris reports for Atlas Obscura, digital scans of three magical manuscripts are accessible through Transcribing Faith, an online portal that functions much like Wikipedia. Anyone with a working knowledge of Latin or English is invited to peruse the documents and contribute translations, transcriptions, and corrections to other users’ work.

     — Brigit Katz, Chicago Library Seeks Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts, h/t The Wild Hunt


❝4 Rituals That Will Make You Loved❞

Do you want to have better relationships? Well, you should definitely take some advice from… the Stoics.

I know, it sounds weird. Most people think of the Stoics as being emotionless — not exactly good examples for how to handle relationships.

But that’s a myth. The ancient Stoics were big on virtue, self-control and reducing negative emotions. And those are pretty good things if you’re trying to be more likable.

And their methods are backed by science. Stoicism was one of the inspirations for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is currently the dominant method for helping people overcome psychological issues.

     — Eric Barker, Stoicism Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Loved


Political assumption

I do equally find it a cowardly thing to do when I have the strongest feeling that these social justice warrior types could not muster the courage to say this stuff to my face under the fear that they would receive a serious beat down.
     — Douglas Helvie, On Preconceived Pagan/Wiccan Political Affiliations

Move through the anger

Kids were expected to stand there and be yelled at, be called names, and be hit when parents were angry. We, of course, were not supposed to express our anger that way, but neither were we told any acceptable way of expressing our anger. The only acceptable thing for us to do was to go to our room and do nothing- and that was allowed only when our parents were done dumping their anger on us.

The unspoken lesson was don't get angry, and if you do, then don't get rid of it. Well, let me tell you, that leads to a lot of fucked up kids turning into a lot of fucked up adults.

The roots of the Old Breed

Could it be the biology?



Sometimes it looks like I might know what I am doing and saying


Touch of a Master

The main thing I noticed about the experts I’ve encountered is they are into impressing you with their abilities. They are usually incredibly good, but their need for recognition gets in the way of mastery. Everything they do is an attempt to prove themselves and in order to do this they must perform like an actor on stage. There’s nothing wrong with this, and I don’t think the expert can become a master without going through this stage in life. At some point though, the expert becomes comfortable with themselves or fed up with impressing everyone and starts to look inward to the core of their art.
     — Zed Shaw,The Master, The Expert, The Programmer


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