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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


Since I am having some FTP issues on my other blogs, here’s a bonus post this week on this blog.

Normally no one but me goes into my
sanctum. It’s my private work area/lab/think space/office. Just inside the door I keep my main toolbox and my cast iron cane/walking stick stand. Why cast iron? Because a cast iron stand can’t easily be tipped by some hiking and ritual staffs. Anyway I needed to grab a few extras for my spell bag.

The person waiting for me saw the relief eagle over the white board. It can be pretty striking, it’s like the eagle is coming through the frame with half of it already through and coated perfectly in copper.

“What’s with the bird?” they asked.

“That’s the east wall,” I said. All I got was a blank look.

I explained.

Unless I move furniture, clean, cleanse, and break out the full ritual space in front of the living room fireplace, the altar in my
sanctum is my main working altar. I have another ritual area outside, but I usually only use it on the sabbats. The first thing you should do for any ritual area is mark the cardinal points. In a permanent ritual area, you should keep those marked. Too many times inside we’re cut off from the world outside. For your own sake, you should lift a page from Valiente and pay attention to the prevailing winds. It keeps the elemental associates straight.

So I have a decent compass in my spell bag, along with a few other “mundane” items. A short wooden stake with a hammer. A cord with loops at carefully measured spaces. Sierra cups. Dryer lint and chapstick.

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