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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

“Zeus and Antiope”

Bartholomaus Spranger was a Flemish artist and painter to the imperial court in Prague. His unusual style had a far ranging influence and he was admired for the fluidity of his figures.

Personally they always seemed posed to me. He often incorporated philosophical ideas that interested the Emperor. Only natural I suppose.

“Zeus and Antiope” is one of his better known works. If you'll recall your mythology, Zeus liked to sneak around. In this case, he assumed the form of a satyr and took Antiope by force. Some claim that the myth takes on a Dionysiac aspect. Afterwards she was rescued? carried off? by Epopeus. Her uncle Lycus forced Epopeus to return Antiope home.

Here is where the scandalous part comes in. Antiope gave birth to twins. Amphion was recognized as the son of Zeus and Zethus was recognized as the son of Epopeus. She was separated from her children. Antiope was persecuted in Thebes by Dirce, wife of Lycus. Eventually Antiope escaped to Eleutherae where she and her sons recognized each other.

Now I may be reading just a tiny bit into this, but doesn't it seem more likely that there was something between Lycus and Antiope, and Zeus got the blame because he wasn't there to defend himself? And the paring with Epopeus strikes me a political.

Anyway, the expression in this work is worth noticing. This is not the look of a woman being ravaged. Notice how Zeus as the satyr is almost tender. Animal lust takes a back seat, there is a deeper connection here than a drunken one night rape.

I’m a naturist in both senses of the word. Life doesn’t always need clothes. I admire the human body. I hope you can too.

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