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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Nothing supernatural exists

breezy day      waxing gibbous moon

The Supernatural is only the Natural disclosed.
     — Emily Dickinson
Yes, I've used that quote before. It still applies though.

The whole notion of the "supernatural" is at the core of what sets magick workers apart. But it's a bad word. "Supernatural" doesn't just imply that there are things beyond nature, it declares it by shouting to the heavens.

Nothing supernatural exists. The word "occult" is beter, it means hidden.

If something changes the universe, it can be measured. If it can be measured, it can be analyzed. If it can be analyzed, experiments can be performed.

All the sudden this is sounding a lot like science class, isn't it? You might not have expected that, but here we are. Science grew out of experimenting with things unseen and unknowable. Science is the bastard child of magick.

By my definition, magick is initiating, celebrating, and directing change. You could use Crowley, but I think this works better. And I am paying for the server space.

Nothing supernatural exists. So the first step is finding out what does exist and what can be used.

That means long studies of the lore. Take my favorite example, companion planting. The best known example is the Three Sisters. And here is where we reach a core idea. You can use the Three Sisters without knowing any lore except it works. This is something that can be recited without understanding.

Or, you can look closer at the connections. Are these the only plants that work together? Can other plants be swapped in and out? Do other plants work better together? Now of course you can go much deeper than that and introduce soil chemistry analysis and other forms of complex scientific study, but at the simplest practical limit, we want to know which plants mostly deliver reliable results. If we know how the plants work together, that will tell us what we need to know for the here and now.

Nothing supernatural exists. But we know that these plants work together to deliver more than they would separately. The universe is now changed. Or at least a tiny piece of it.

That's the first fork. You can take what you've been told, use it, and hope for the best. Or you can take that knowledge and experiment. Or you can do both, you can do mostly what you know will work and take a bit experimenting to find a better way.

But this sounds too much like science, doesn't it? Where are the Names of Power and the mystic diagrams and the Mysterious Gestures?

Nothing supernatural exists.

Look at radio waves. Well, you can't, can you? Radio waves exist outside human senses. We build instruments to detect them. We have to build more instruments to make sense of them. From the early 20th century, there were two common ways to organize radio waves, ampitude modulation and frequency modulation. FM gives a clearer signal, but requires more bandwidth. If you could tune an AM reciever to the FM band, you could detect the signal but you couldn't demodulate it.

We're just beginning. TV signals use more bandwidth still, and color TV signals take more again. An FM receiver could let you hear the TV audio, but wouldn't let you see the video.

And then we went digital. The old equipment could potentially detect the digital signals, but can't decode it. Your smartphone can't show TV signals without some extra hardware and software somewhere, even it's a backroom server. The signal for one is incompatible with the other. Even though the latest version can let you do many more things over the internet than you could ever do with a television set.

The World works the same way it did before. Our understanding has changed. Our experience has changed. And our capabilities have changed. We can do more with what we have.

Nothing supernatural exists.

One of my favorite computer gadgets is a USB microscope that hooks up to my computer. Obviously it's not an electron microscope. But it's enough to show me part of the World I just can't see on my own. And of course through the internet I can examine pictures from space I could never see as a kid.

Nothing supernatural exists.

But there is some pretty amazing stuff out there.

The World is Divine.

So are you.

That little bit of Divinity, that Spark of Inspiration, that's what lets you change. Yourself. The World. Those you touch. Those who touch you.

You're not supernatural. But you can change the World.

Want to try?

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