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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal 15Dec2017

waning crescent moon       Mercury retrograde       ≠ † Advent

Thinking by blogging
My mother is not doing so well. No more night driving. Also we're monitoring her blood sugar again. I'm hoping she bounces back some after her blood sugar gets to reasonable levels again.

One failure of modern medicine is that no one wants to tell me how to treat Mom's mind. Oh, they'll help you get an elder sort of moving around again, but the mind is hands off. The scary thing is Mom is not even always aware of her lapses. She'll say she's doing fine, but then she can't always tell me the full date or my stepsib's middle name.

Ever since Dad's dementia started really kicking in before his passing, I've had this personal fear that I would lose my mind and not even notice. It's happening to Mom now and it's even more terrifying. Mom was and still is an amazing person.

I'm not allowed to share her story while she still lives, but my mother was amazing. While other women were complaining and expecting someone to save them from Terrible Injustice, Mom faced down the obstacles and changed things. Not by protesting, but by quietly demanding the same respect she gave. I learned the aunts and grandmothers theory of history by watching her. She's retired now (for the fifth time) and I am now her caregiver. I'm still terribly proud of her.
     — NeoWayland
Still I've been able to get some site revamp done. There are a lot of in jokes. There were even before I started standardizing things with classes. For example borders and margins and padding are often 13 pixels. The main pages of both Pagan Vigil and Technopagan Yearnings have thirty-nine (3 x 13) articles listed.

And I have just proven that I can do at least 13 headline links per weekday at Pagan Vigil.

Those aren't the only in jokes and esoterica hidden on the sites of course. I won't list them all because I want to make certain people needlessly paranoid.

I've changed PV from being A libertarian perspective by NeoWayland to NeoWayland's news watch from a libertarian angle. It is and always has been a reactive news watch with the occasional perspective thrown in. So that's what I am going to focus on. And I'm going to use many Beacon links to remind myself and my readers that there is still good news left in the world, even if we have to go find it sometimes.

As for Technopagan Yearnings, well, it does best as a slice of life site. So that is what I will make it, a slice of life blog written by a guy who just happens to be pagan. It's not a pagan site per se, and it just comes off as pretentious when I try to make it one. It's a conversation that I am having with my readers.

I didn't quite start it in time this year, but I am listing pagan solstice songs. Next year I will start 13 days before the solstice.

One thing I am thinking about doing is taking more time off from blogging. The sabbats are an obvious choice. I'll think on that more in the next year.

With my companion's passing, I didn't really update my calendars. I need to do that.
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