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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Jounal 13Nov2017

waning crescent moon       Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Thinking by blogging

I'm still a little down.

The day my dear companion died, I went to the store. For the next thirteen days, I did the Lament. I didn't leave the house unless it was necessary. I avoided the internet. I didn't read.

I did a lot of cleaning and yard work.

Still, I missed some things.

When your blankets and throws start shedding hair, it's time to wash them. Some of them hadn't been washed in months. Some still had her hair. Sure enough, there were plenty of hairballs I pulled out of the washer afterwards.

Afterwards, I started cleaning up the code on my websites. See, I was using modular code, but I wasn't using classes. When I wanted a quote box, I would grab the snippet that had the whole code and paste it in. I hadn't bothered defining classes because there were all those old entries that didn't have classes.

So now I am defining classes and sometimes redefining them. I'm going through and replacing the old code. I'm checking the old links, if they don't work I'm using text-decoration to put a line through them. I've already fixed most of the lyrics and all the chants. I think I've fixed all the quote boxes (me and others) and the NeoNotes. Now I am going through the old entries and recoding, starting with the ones I've already imported over from the third version of this site.

It's time consuming but it lets me accomplish something. It helps me walk away from sorrow. It's still going to take some time.

And in the long run, if I want to change something like the lyric font, I can change one thing and it will change every instance on the site.

When it all works, it's fun. I found a friendly typewriter font that I'm going to use for the summary blurbs. I'll probably use it at Pagan Vigil too, but I haven't gotten to the serious recoding there.

Now it's time to publish and then proofread 2006.

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