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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal 07Apr2017

05:06 AZ time     ♃☍ Jupiter at opposition      waxing gibbous moon

Thinking by bloggingThis week I got back into my discipline. Since working at home, I had stopped shaving on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week I've shaved every weekday, well, I will once I shower.

Counting this entry, I've managed to put up stuff every day on my blogs, including one original major entry for each of the three blogs. Of course they aren't all great, but I am blogging regularly again. I've got it scheduled, says the calendar obsessed guy. I don't think I've managed to do this since a little after Mom's accident.

Speaking of calendar obsessions, the original entries here on
Technopagan Yearnings will start with items from my sky, lore, and wyrd calendars. Yes, that is three calendars. The wyrd calendar are the traditional and tradtional related neopagan items. You may have noticed on the entry for March 28th that I mentioned the Cunningham quote and Kraig Day. The not-equal sign is a visual shorthand saying that while I acknowledge the day, I don't celebrate it.

My sky calendar tracks notable human events and astronomiical events. Moon phases, planetary movements, human history in space, all these get tracked on this calendar.

My lore calendar tracks things that are specific to my path. So while the dark moon is on my sky calendar, the
Lady in the Court of Shadows celebration is on my lore calendar.

I'm never quite sure what to call a companion once she's not in the same town again. My lady friend is settled and started her new job. She seems quite happy. I'd prefer phone calls, but she likes texts.

My (other) companion came over Monday and gave me a killer massage. It was warm enough in the afternoon that we induldged ourselves on the patio. We sort of slept through supper and the sunset, so we had a late meal.

Tuesday I turned my compost pile and prepped it. I added some ash from my fireplace, a few drops of blood, and some semen. Then I endured pulling weeds. I don't enjoy that, and of course you can't throw those in the compost pile.

I'm slowly doing some behind the scenes tweaking of the sites. I really like the new quote box for my quotes on this site.

This weekend I plan to move more stuff from the old sites and reformatting it. And I am going to try the custom font thing again. And since MacHighway is a little behind the curve on the PHP version they support, it looks like I'm going to rely on Google for search again.

Breakfast, shower, check on Mom, client work, and dinner with a lovely lady. Full day today.

Bright & Dark Blessings.

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