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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal 31Mar2017

13:08 Arizona time      waxing crescent moon

Thinking by bloggingOne of the most important things this week was helping one of my companions pack. I will miss her and I hope she will miss me. But she has a job for at least the next six months and the money is really really good. It's something she loves and I can't hold her back.

I think I'm coming to terms with the election trauma drama. The secret is to seek out human experiences that aren't about the politics. And when I talk to people, I'm going to ask them about the parts of the World that are outside human control. Separating politics from paganism saved my sanity before. So when people mix the two, I'm going to carefully extricate the politics and deal with them as separate things.

My political opinions put me on the outs with most pagans, at least the ones willing to admit that they are pagans. Ah well, it's not the first time and I am not doing this for the popularity. All I can really offer them is my reputation.

Mom, bless her, is doing better. There's still some confusion and it hurts her to move. We've given up on the cane outside and she's using the walker. She shops for herself and she gets about 80% of it right from her list. So obviously there are still some sequencing issues. She forgets a lot. Usually she takes a nap or lies down during the day. I'm still spending a lot of time there, or at least checking on her two or three times a day. We got her a new iPhone which is the next
teknologi entry. That lets me where she is.

It's halfway through Spring and the temperatures dropped again. I'd put away my long sleeve t-shirts but my sinuses are chiding me for it. There was a lot of rain last night, it was loud enough to wake me a couple of times. Windy yesterday and today.

After a lot of thought, I decided to clean my closet. No more polo shirts with corporate emblems. Not even any polo shirts with triaskele symbols. No more corporate or fantasy artwork on the tees or jackets. What you see is what you get.

I am keeping the baseball hats though…

I tweaked the two main sites again. The tag cloud on every page was really slowing down the updates. I'm still using tags, I'm just not displaying the clouds. And since not everyone reads as much as I do, I reduced the articles on the front page from 52 (4 times 13) to just 13. While I was at it, I changed the LibraryThing widgets on this site.

Revised tenative schedule for
Technopagan Yearnings:

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Friday - journal
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