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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


Thinking by blogging
Well, another of those situational vortices.

I was going to put up a lexicon entry on the Flynn effect. I was going to put up a brief note explaining that intelligence tests aren't the same as the 1950s and how we had to allow that maybe people have just gotten better at writing the tests. Then I would have needed another note explaining that since the world has become more connected, we share a common understanding about many more things and this is bound to be reflected in intelligence tests. Then I would need another note explaining that intelligence isn't all that well understood and has different domains.

Then I realized I was going to have to define intelligence.

Yeah. Okay.

What we call intelligence is actually three things that interconnect. Well, at least three things.

A very broad definition of intelligence is the systematic problem solving.

The first thing is what I call behavior maps. Given situation A, your family/culture/social group has taught you to act in fashion B. These are the "rules" that cover most needs, all you have to do is learn the rules that apply in the situations that you meet.

Then there is actual problem solving.This is where the problem gets analyzed, compared to previous problems, and a step by step solution is worked out.

Finally there is the inspiration, the intuitive approach. The answer "pops" into your head, but there is no conscious connection or clear path as to how you got there from here.

I'm going to have to work on it some more, but I wanted to get some thoughts down.

ETA: I have working definitions.

intelligence   multiple intelligences

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