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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

What does that have to do with greeting the sun?

waxing crescent moon     ≠ Kraig Day
Any and all religions are real, the genuine article, to their practitioners.

Thinking by bloggingThis morning I climbed up on my roof to watch the sunrise. My feet and knees don't work as well as I like so it was harder than I thought. But I needed to have a bit of a think.

The sun is an old friend. I've got generations of farmers behind me so I usually wake well before the sunrise. My grandfather used to make coffee and watch the sunrise quietly, so I suppose I got that from him. Some times I do the full bit, arms and legs spread, letting the sun wash over me.

But today I just watched.

Politics have been interfering with my paganism big time. And I really don't like it. Part of it is my fault. I know history, politics, and economics better than the average person. When I see claims like "rich people hide their money" I can't help but respond.

For the record, if you hide money away somewhere, you're losing money. You have to put money to work and it has to earn more than the rate of inflation and the tax rate or you lose money. That's it.

But what does any of that have to do with greeting the sun? What does it have to do with my garden? What does the raven across the street have to think about the current political situation?

The election and it's aftermath threw me off so much I didn't
update my sky and lore calendars until the last few days. The sky calendar has the moon phases and things like eclipses and Mercury retrogrades and meteor showers and equinoxes and the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. The lore calendar has my version of the sabbat celebrations and when the Lady is in the Court of Shadows or the Court of Stars. All this stuff changes from year to year and I usually update at the end of October and first of November.

I really like it. It gives me great satisfaction to map out the next year.

But this year it has all been about politics.

I can go into the psychology. I can show how accepting your victimhood gives you a scapegoat and a reason not to try. I can go into the politics. I can show how it's really all about controlling other people.

But that's not the point. What does that have to do with greeting the sun?

So yes, there are political troubles. Most of them started well before the current administration and will continue after.

I still have work to do with my garden.

The raven doesn't care about the politics.

I can let it warp my life, or I can do the thing I decided years ago. Paganism and politics are two different things. My faith can shape my actions, but I can't use it to shape other's actions. It's not about what pagans or the pagan community should do.

It's about what each person chooses.

So the next time this comes up, I will point out that politics shouldn't shape paganism or faith. Then I might lecture about politics or economics, but I will make it clear that I'm doing this outside of paganism.

What does that have to do with greeting the sun?

Nothing at all.

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